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We are committed to

1. Abide by national and local laws, regulations and other requirements on quality, environmental

protection and safety.

2. Continuously save energy and reduce consumpt-

ion in the whole process of product production,

strive to achieve continuous improvement of environmental management system and environmental

behavior, and minimize resource consumption.



H.H Drill-Tech Drilling Machinery Co.,

Ltd. (former lianyungang huanghai

machinery co., LTD.)

The company is engaged in the design

and manufacture of complete sets of

technical equipment for geological

exploration ...

Successful Performance in Henan Province
Congratulations on the central heating network project of shangqiu city contracted by jiangsu zhanshen group. Directional drilling through the heat pipe with diameter of 1400 and 720 meters and then connecting the first-class sand layer to tow back successfully. This project marks the largest pipe diameter in the heat pipe trenchless industry!
Successful Performance in Henan Province
2018 (20th) China international mining conference
Sponsored by China mining association, the China international mining congress (the 20th) will be held in tianjin meijiang convention and exhibition center from October 18 to 20, 2018.
2018 (20th) China international mining conference
HXY-6B core drilling rig has once again set a new record for large-diameter core exploration
HXY-6B is a kind of spindle core drilling rig designed by our company to improve the advantages and characteristics of various types of core drilling machines at home and abroad. It is mainly suitable for metallic and non-metallic solid deposit exploration. It is widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, water well, engineering and other industries to diamond and cemented carbide drilling mainly core drilling equipment, but also suitable for shallow oil and natural gas mining, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and large diameter foundation pile construction!
HXY-6B core drilling rig has once again set a new record for large-diameter core exploration


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Strictly follow the customer demand as the guidance, innovation as the driving force, in good faith as the fundamental, management as the basis of the business philosophy.

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HMC-800 Coal Bed Methane Multifunctional Drilling Rig

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HXY-9 Core Drilling Rig


Shandong working site

HXY-6B Core Drilling Rig


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FDP-1000 Horizontal Directional Drilling rig


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