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The gsdp-2 well, the first deep well to be fully cored by scientific drilling in the continental shelf of the south yellow sea, has a smooth final hole

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Construction unit: shandong third institute of geology and mineral exploration

Construction time: 2015.03.29-2016.09.13

Construction depth: hole depth 2843.18m(final hole 98mm)

Construction equipment: hxy-8 core drill (lianyungang yellow sea exploration technology co., LTD.)

The drilling core of the csdp-2 well 2000 meters, which was organized by Qingdao institute of Marine geology of China geological survey and carried out by the third team of shandong geological and mineral bureau, has been accepted by Qingdao national laboratory of Marine science and technology.

According to zhang xinhua, the project's chief scientist, the csdp-2 well is the first drill to study the uplift in the middle of the south yellow sea. The heart rate of soft sediments in the neogene and quaternary period was 91.7%, that of middle and Paleozoic strata was 99.1%, and the average heart rate was up to 96.9%. In drilling process, technical personnel have to drill in neogene, the Triassic qinglong group, Permian and carboniferous and devonian series such as strata, on the part of the horizon oil &gas showing is good, also found a lot of time and environment indicating significance of fossil and large sets of hydrocarbon source rocks, the south Huang Haizhong - upper Paleozoic Marine strata in drilling in oil and gas shows for the first time.