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HXY-6B core drilling rig has once again set a new record for large-diameter core exploration

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Construction site: xuancheng, anhui province

Construction general situation: hole depth of 1503.53 m final hole diameter: 122 mm Ø

Drilling rig model: HXY-6B Core Drilling Rig

Main technical parameters of the drilling rig:

HXY-6B core drilling machine is a kind of core drilling machine designed by our company to improve the advantages and characteristics of various types of core drilling machines at home and abroad. It is mainly suitable for metallic and non-metallic solid deposit exploration. It is widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, water well, engineering and other industries to diamond and cemented carbide drilling mainly core drilling equipment, but also suitable for shallow oil and natural gas mining, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and large diameter foundation pile construction.

The HXY-6B can be used for oblique and straight hole drilling. It has the advantages of simple and compact structure, reasonable layout, moderate weight, convenient disassembly and wide speed range. The drilling rig is equipped with water brake, with large hoisting capacity and easy operation of lifting brake position...

钻进深度 1200m-2400m
钻孔角度 90°-75°(360°)
立轴转速 正转 96;178;253;369;268;494;705;1025 rpm
反转 78;218 rpm
最大扭矩 7800N.m
立轴行程 720mm
立轴内径 φ118mm
立轴最大起重力 200kN
立轴最大加压力 150kN
卷扬机最大提升力 85kN
钢丝绳直径 21.5mm
卷筒容绳量 160m
动力功率 电动机Y280S-4 75kW·1480转/分
柴油机YC6108ZD 84kW·1500转/分
外形尺寸(L×W×H) 3590×1300×2350mm (电机)
3790×1300×2350mm (柴油机)
重量(不含动力) 4700kg