Surface core drill
XY-4 Core Drilling Rig
XY-42A Core Drilling Rig
XY-44A Core Drilling Rig
HXY-5A Core Drilling Rig
HXY-6A Core Drilling Rig
HXY-6B Core Drilling Rig
HXY-8 (8B) Core Drilling Rig
HXY-9 (9B) Core Drilling Rig
XY-4T / XY-42T / XY-44T tower crane integrated drilling rig
HXY-44TL crawler tower rig integrated drilling rig
HYDX-2 Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
HYDX-4 Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
HYDX-5A Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
HYDX-6 Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
HCR-8 Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Underground tunnel drill
HYKD-3B Full Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Rig
HYKD-4 Full Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Rig
HYKD-5 Full Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Rig
Multi-function drilling machine for coal bed methane
HMC-800 Vehicle-mounted Coalbed Methane Multifunctional Drilling Rig
MD-500 Crawler CBM Multifunctional Drilling Rig
MD-750 crawler type coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig
MD-900 crawler coalbed methane multifunctional drilling rig
Trenchless horizontal directional drill
FDP-25 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-35 non-digging directional drilling rig
FDP-45 non-digging directional drilling rig
FDP-45A Non-digging Directional Drilling Rig
FDP-45 / 70 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-45 / 90 non-digging directional drilling rig
FDP-68 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-120 non-digging directional drilling rig
FDP-200 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-400 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-550 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-1000 non-excavation directional drilling rig
FDP-1500 non-excavation directional drilling rig
Auxiliary equipment of form a complete set
Mud pump
Drill pipe
Surface core drill
Underground tunnel drill
Multi-function drilling machine for coal bed methane
Trenchless horizontal directional drill
Auxiliary equipment of form a complete set

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Successful Performance in Henan Province

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-- in Shangqiu city, Henan province, successfully completed the first class sand backhaul with a diameter of 1400 meters

Congratulations on the central heating network project of shangqiu city contracted by jiangsu zhanshen group. Directional drilling through the heat pipe with diameter of 1400 and 720 meters and then connecting the first-class sand layer to tow back successfully. This project marks the largest pipe diameter in the heat pipe trenchless industry!




The main construction equipment of this project is a horizontal directional drilling rig of FDP-550 tons in yellow sea. With the smooth return of the pipe, it marks another successful example of the yellow sea drilling rig meeting customer needs, sincere cooperation and satisfactory service. Come on! Jiangsu drill god, come on! H.H. Drill-Tech Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd.




 Quality first, efficient schedule.




People first, technology first.




In shangqiu district heating network project has good economic and social benefits, heat supply network is safe, reliable, energy conservation and emissions reduction increase heating capacity, stable running, good circulation effect is greatly improving the quality of the residents heating HuiGuo huimin project, jiangsu drill god began to attach great importance to undertake the project, sent top talent in a line, set up the project department, ensure the safety of engineering quality, progress!




Drilling god construction, first-class technology, party a satisfaction. Huanghai machinery, reliable quality, service first.




Lianyungang yellow sea exploration technology co. LTD
23, 2018