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In 2015, it was established to undertake all the assets, liabilities, personnel and business of the former Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Northwest Exploration Machinery Factory of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources established in Wushan County, Gansu Province in 1970. In 1995, the whole system was relocated to Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. city.




HYDX-5A Full Hydraulic Core Drill Rig

The HYDX-5A new model Full Hydraulic Core Drill Rig is developed by H.H. Drill-Tech Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd.
The product description

I. General Introduction

The HYDX-5A new model Full Hydraulic Core Drill Rig is developed by H.H. Drill-Tech Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd. with reference of advanced technique of same kind equipment at home and abroad. The drill rig has a reasonable design and superior performance. It is easy to operate and for maintenance. 

1.Overall Unit Features:

The drill rig adopts full hydraulic driving, travelling with crawlers itself. The drill head is driven by variable motor with function of two-speed mechanical gear shifts, stepless speed change with an advanced and simple structure. The rotator is fed and driven with a system connecting the spindle and oil cylinder with chain. The system has the function, if the piston rods of oil cylinder moving one certain distance, the drill head moving will double the distance. The mast could be adjusted within the range of angle 0 to 90 degree for its drilling hole with a low center of gravity and good stability of the overall unit. The rig provides operator with a nice field of vision and wide and comfortable working condition. The rig looks pretty in overall structure and embodies the design thought of people oriented. 

1)Reliable Performance

Basing on the guideline of purchasing the critical auxiliary equipment internationally, the diesel engine, the hydraulic pump, the main valves, the motors, crawler reducers and key hydraulic spare parts are all adopted famous brands products at home and abroad.

2)High Efficiency

With big torque, high power unit allocation and with reasonable structure design and advanced operation method and 6 meters (19.7 feet) length of drill rod, all these guarantee the drill rig’s high operation and performance efficiency. 

3)Environmental Protection

With lower pollution discharge of diesel engine, professional noise reducing design, the drill rig is suitable for urban operation and performance.

4)Energy Saving 

Adopting the advanced load sensitive control technique, the drill rig has reduced the power consumption and heat generation to the lowest level. 

With an elegant outline, compact structure, reliable performance and operation easily, it should be the priority equipment to be selected in the full hydraulic core drill rig of present domestic market.

2.Field of Application

HYDX-5A Type Drill Rig is mainly used for slope and straight holes drilling. It could be used for exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, nuke industry, hydrology and for other industries fields. It is a core drilling rig by using diamond and carbide-tipped bits mainly. 


II. Main Performance Parameter of HYDX-5A

The figures in these tables have been calculated, based on field experiences, and may be reasonably expected.

Actual drilling capacity will depend on in-hold tools and conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used.

Diesel Engine


Cummins 6CTA8.3-C195 (turbocharged and charge water cooled)


8.3L (2.19 US Gallons)


145kW (195HP)

Rated RPM(Factory setting)


Drilling Capacity


1500 m(4920 feet)


1300 m(4264 feet)


1000 m(3280 feet)


680 m(2230 feet)

Drill Head

Rotation Motor

Double Hydraulic Motors –variable and Reversible


Two Shifts/ Stepless Change 0-1145 RPM


1st      8.776:1
2nd      2.716:1

Head Opener

sidewise sliding way with hydraulic drive

Max. Torque

4650 N·m(3427 lbf·ft)

Hold Diameter

121 mm(4.76 inch)

Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle

150 kN(33720 lbf)

Max. Feeding Power

75 kN(16860 lbf)

Primary Pump Package

Axial Piston variable displacement Triplex pump for driving of Drill Head Rotation, Main Hoist, Mud Pump & Line Winch.

1st Pump:150LPM at 31.5MPa
2nd Pump:120LPM at 28MPa
3rd Pump: 120 LPM at 28MPa

Hydraulic Tank


420 L (111 US Gallons)

Capacity of Main Hoist

Hoisting Speed (single wire)

44m/min(bare drum)

Hoisting force (single wire)

77kN(17310 lbf)

Steel Wire Diameter

18 mm(0.71 inch)

Steel Wire Length

60 m(196.85 feet)

Capacity of Wireline Hoist

Hoisting Speed (single wire)

100m/min (bare drum)

Hoisting Force (single wire)

12 kN(2698 lbf) (bare drum)

Steel Wire Diameter

6 mm(0.24 inch)

Steel Wire Length

1500 m(4920 feet)


Mast Height

11.2 m(37.74 feet)

Mast Adjusting Angle


Drilling Angle


Feeding Stroke

3800 mm(150 inch)

Slippage Stroke

1100 mm(43.3 inch)

Feed Pull

15000kg(33075 lb)

Feed Thrust

7500kg(16538 lb)

Mud Pump


Reciprocating Pump Triplex Plunger




100mm(3.9 inch)

Output volume

250,145, 90, 52 L/min
(66, 38, 24, 14 US Gallons/min)

Discharge pressure

2.5, 4.5, 6.0, 6.0 Mpa
(363, 653, 870, 870 psi)

Foot Clamp

Clamping Scope

55.5-117.5 mm(2.18-4.63 inch)
through hole Ф154mm(6.06 inch)



13000 Kg(28665 lb)

Dimensions (L × W ×H )

(20.5×7.34×9.02 ft)

Transport Way

Steel Crawler