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In 2015, it was established to undertake all the assets, liabilities, personnel and business of the former Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Northwest Exploration Machinery Factory of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources established in Wushan County, Gansu Province in 1970. In 1995, the whole system was relocated to Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. city.




XY-44 Spindle Core Drill Rig

XY-44 Core Drill Rig is an improved product based on XY-42 and XY-44 drill rigs.
The product description

Ⅰ. General

XY-44A Core Drill Rig, a new type of product with enhanced capacity, is a kind of hydraulic-driven, spindle, diamond-bit, small-diameter core drill with fairly powerful drilling force. It is mainly suitable for exploration of metal or non-metal solid mineral ore bed. It is widely applied in core drill with diamond bit or hard tungsten-carbide-tipped bit and diamond bit in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling. It can also be used in the fields of superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas mining, mine workings ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling as well as foundation pile construction in large diameter. It is in reasonable structure, light weight, powerful capacity, multiuse, steady performance, high responsibility and high standardization and generalization.

Ⅱ. Main Features of XY-44A drill

1.There are more speed grade (8 grades), reasonable speed range and high torque while low speed. Max. torque is up to 3200 N·m (2358 lbf·ft). The drill is adapted on core drilling with tungalloy-carbid-tipped and diamond oil as well as engineering geology exploration, hydrology well drilling and basic pile engineering.

2.With large spindle I.D. 93mm(3.66 inch), the drill is fed with double hydraulic cylinders with much longer stroke up to 600mm(23.62 inch). With strong technological adaptability, the rig can be adapted on many field, especially on large diameter drill rod drilling, (upper part coring) extracting core with wire line. Thus it is more effective in improving drilling efficiency with less faulty in hole.

3.With powerful drilling capacity, the rated drilling depth comes up to 1,000m(39.37 inch) with 71mm(2.80 inch) wire-line coring drill rod.

4.Light in weight, and in fine dismountability, the rig can be dismantled into ten parts easily; the biggest apparatus is in 300 kg (661.5 lb). The whole drill is in 2300kg(4741 lb), it can be moved easily especially in mountain area.

5.Clamped with belleville spring and loosened with hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic chuck is adopted with three-jaws self centering. It is in strong and steady clamping force.

6.Equipped with a water brake for steady and smooth deep hole drilling.

7.Supplying oil with a simplex gear pump, it is easy for installation and operation; lower in energy consumption and in low oil temperature of hydraulic system; the rig is for sure in steady drilling. The hand-operated oil pump can be put in use to hoist the drilling tools in hole upon the power engine failing to operate.

8.With compact structure and reasonable layout, with all components exposed, and with non overlapped ones, it is convenient for maintenance.

9.With low center of gravity and long travelling distance up to 460mm(18.1 inch), the rig is reliable and stable in high speed drilling.

10.It is easy to get to know the conditions in hole with an antivibration meter. Less in operating handles, the rig can be operated credibly and flexibly.

Ⅲ. Specifications 

1.Drill Capacity

1)Core Drilling

  1. Core Drilling

Drill Rod Varieties

Drill Rod Type

Drill Depth

Drill Rod Made in China

Planer in and out

Ф43×6mm(Ф1.69×0.24 inch)

1400 m (4592feet)

Ф54×6 mm(Ф2.13×0.24 inch)

1000 m (3280feet)

Ф67×6 mm(Ф2.64×0.24 inch)

830 m (2722feet)

Thickened Inner

Ф50×5.5 mm(Ф1.97×0.22 inch)

1300 m (4264feet)

Ф60×6 mm(Ф2.36×0.24 inch)

950 m (3116feet)

Extracting Core with Wire Line


1400 m (4592feet)

Ф71×5 mm(Ф2.80×0.20 inch)

1000 m (3280feet)

Ф89×5 mm(Ф3.50×0.20 inch)

800 m (2624feet)

(Diamond Core Drill Manufacturer Association)
Drill Rod

Thickened Inner


1250 m (4100feet)


1000 m (3280feet)


660 m (2165feet)

Extracting Core with Wire Line


1400 m (4592feet)


1100 m (3608feet)


750 m (2460feet)


  1. Hydrogeology Well Drilling

Drill Rod Type

Drilling Hole Dia.

Drilling Depth

60mm(2.36 inch)
 (Thickened outer)

200 mm (7.87 inch)

800 m (2624 feet)

73mm(2.87 inch)
 (Thickened outer)

350 mm (13.78 inch)

500 m (1640 feet)

89mm(3.5 inch)  
(Thickened outer)

500 mm (19.69 inch)

300 m (984 feet)

  1. Foundation Pile Drilling

Drilling hole dia. with 89 mm(3.50 inch) outer thickened drill rod.
  Loose formation --------------------------------------------1000 mm (39.37 inch)
  Hard formation  ------------------------------------------600 mm (23.62 inch)
  Drilling Depth  --------------------------------------------100 m (328 feet)
2. Drilling Angel ------------------------------------------------0°﹣360°
3. Power Engine
Electromotor       Y225S-4         37KW(49.62HP)    1480 r/min
Diesel engine       Deutz F6L 912     42KW(56.3HP)     1500 r/min
4. Rotator
Type: Feeding with double oil cylinders hydraulic pressure, rotating mechanically.
Spindle I.D---------------------------------------------92 mm (3.66 inch)
Speed of spindle:

Speed of Power eng. (r/min)

1480 (for core drilling)

Positive Low Speed (r/min)

83, 152, 217, 316

Positive High Speed (r/min)

254, 468, 667, 970

Negative Speed (r/min)

67, 206

Max. torque of spindle -----------------------------------------3.2 KN·m (2358 lbf·ft)
Spindle stroke----------------------------------------------------600 mm (23.62 inch)
Max. lifting force of spindle  --------------------------------120 KN (26976 lbf)
Max. thrust of spindle-------------------------------------------90 KN (20232 lbf)
5. Hoist
Form planetary gearing
Wire rope dia. -------17.5 mm(0.69 inch) or 18.5 mm(0.73 inch)
Drum capacity for rope(170 kg/mm2 equivalent to 241839 lb/inch2) -------
(17.5mm steel wire rope)  110m(360.8 feet)
                            (18.5mm steel wire rope)   90m(295.2 feet)
Max. lifting force (single rope) ----------------45 KN (10116 lbf)
Lifting speed of the wire rope
Power eng speed 1000r/min       0.47; 0.86; 1.22; 1.78 m/s (1.54; 2.82; 4.00; 5.84 feet/s)
Power eng speed 1500r/min       0.70; 1.29; 1.84; 2.68 m/s (2.30; 4.23; 5.90; 8.79 feet/s) 
Power eng speed 1700r/min       0.805; 1.485; 2.12; 3.08 m/s (2.64; 4.87; 6.95; 10.10 feet/s)
6. Clutch
Form: Dry single chip friction clutch
7. Gearbox
Form: sliding gearbox (4 speeds are positive and 1 is negative).
8. Oil Pump
Form: Single Gear Pump
Displacement  ------------------------------------20 L/min (5.28 US Gallons/min)
Working pressure  -------------------------------0—8 MPa (0-1160 psi)
Max. pressure  ------------------------------------12 MPa (1740 psi)
9. Water Brake
Working speed (r/min) -----------------------------------700—800
Single rope compensational speed----------------------3—8 m/s (9.84-26.2 feet/s)  
Single rope compensational load-----------------------45 KN (10116 lbf)
10. Drill Frame
Form sliding skids type (with sliding base)
Drill backward stroke  -----------------------------460 mm (18.11 inch)
11. Dimensions (L×W×H) -----------------------------3042×1100×1890 mm (119.3×43.3×74.4 inch)
12. Weight of drill (without power unit) ----------------about2300 kg(4741 lb)
13. Max. weight of dischargeable apparatus -----------300 kg (662 lb)